Who We are

We are a group of people who live in, work in, or are concerned about the area of San Francisco called Western SOMA.

The core of Western SOMA is the area bounded by 6th Street and 13th Street, and Mission Street and Bryant Street.


It is an area of sharp contrasts. In additional to much nightlife and business, commercial and retail, new and old, it is home to several schools, as well as many of San Francisco’s historic residential enclave districts. It is an area defined by the diversity of uses that make it up.

According to the 2014 Assessor’s report this area is a major revenue generator for the city, lagging only the Financial District and Pacific Heights in 2014. It is doing the most of any part of the city to address the housing crisis: according to Paragon in 2014 SOMA added 1688 units, twice as many as Mission Bay (802 units), and roughly equaling the entire rest of the city put together. The visible cranes tell the story: there is more development coming on-line.

District 6, of which Western SOMA is a part, is also where many homeless live: between 2013 and 2015 District 6 increased its percentage of the adult homeless population from from 47% to 57%, and from 25% to 42% of the youth homeless. It is the base for many homeless and low-income services, both city and charitable.