Meeting notes from 11/30/2015 —

Here are David Singer’s meeting notes, posted to Nextdoor:

1) We need to get the truth behind the story that West SOMA is treated as a ‘containment zone’ (aka dumping ground). Anyone any ideas on how to pursue?
2) We need to get data, statistics, city income from West SOMA and expenditure, population, etc.
3) We need publicity; a good neighborhood blog, articles in the papers, and so on.
4) We need to get people on board; a flier to go around, maybe customized (different for business, residential, non-profit, etc.) “we’re forming, these are the problems we see, can you help get us organized?”. Filer needs to explain processes, resources (311 and the app, non-emergency police, DPW, SFPUC, etc.)
5) Indeed, how do we move from being a get-together to being an organization?
6) We need to define ‘Western SOMA’. Later in the meeting, it was suggested — 6th to Division, Mission to Harrison.
7) We need to talk to the agencies and non-profits working in our area, and make sure we have them as our friends. We’re in this together (as are the many of the homeless).
8) Long-term, look at making a Community Business District (but that takes 50% of the property owners voting yes, so that’s long-term).
9) We need to establish a ‘tiered’ organization, Neighborhood watches that meet by themselves, as well as the ‘whole zone’.
10) We need two sub-divisions of the organization: Neighborhood Watches, mapped out and established where they are missing, and functional groups: something like (a) Voice — press/blog/; (b) enrollment/awareness — fliers, visiting businesses; (c) data — statistics/maps etc.; (d) infrastructure and organization — mailing lists, use of Nextdoor/facebook etc., meeting planning (dates and locations); (d) Communications — talking to Police, Supervisor, Mayor, etc. (just a strawman list).
11) We need news items…anyone know the guy who paints the light-poles? The big one suggested — ‘Take back the park’ (Victoria Manalo Draves Park, which, by the way, has a Yelp! page and Facebook page, both worth reading, in addition to the Parks and Recs page).
Overall, I get the sense we need to move from lists of what we don’t like (easy to write, I have done several) to lists of how we’re going to go about doing something, and getting something done, about it.


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