Meeting Notes from 04/05/2017

We had a full agenda on April 5th, Scoot, Jeff Kositsky, SFMTA

Meeting Notes


Scoot – Eli Saddler
Scoot is a network of hundreds of electric scooters that you can pick up and drop off all over San Francisco.
Their Head Office is at Howard and 7th.

Scoot RPP Meter Sticker 2017

Looking for support for parking adjustments for their electric scooters. See attached pdf for the proposal.
Jane Kim’s office has reached out to ask what we in Western Soma Voice think of the plan, as Scoot as asked them to back the proposal. Our feedback will influence whether the Supervisor backs the proposal or not.
Please send any feedback you have.

Jeff Kositsky

HSH Presentation 3.27.17 on Template

Jeff Kositsky from the Mayors office on Homeless came to talk to us, he has also shared his slides with us (though he did caution they are in draft form).

Jeff talked about the history of decision made which got us to this point, e.g. closing shelters, opening respite centers, closing respite centers etc. In reality we need both and his team is intending to have both.

Behind the scenes they are investing in infrastructure, which is getting a system in place which allows all of the city databases to connect to one another where it pertains to people. This way it is easier to track where a person is on a list for a bed, whether they have benefits due etc. There is also a need for this as he pointed out its not a fair system if someone comes and camps in a large existing encampment and gets to skip over others to get to a Navigation Center when the Encampment resolution team comes.
The Nav Centers right now are on Mission (between 15th and 16th), The Civic Center Hotel, UCSF Hospital Mission Bay, Dogpatch should open soon. Another is slated to open in the Mission. And there will be one more at Jessie and 6th street later this year. The staying time at a nav center is 30 days (Unless is the medically focused one at UCSF).
Jeff spoke openly about how neighborhoods are impacted by the tents and it is high on his list, its not just about moving on tents from street to street, that doesn’t help anyone. He also indicated that 5 or 6 years ago we didn’t see such a problem, many factors as to why there appears to more without homes? More vacant lots have been built up, an opioid epidemic (people on meth don’t sleep all day in their tents), other addictions causing people to lose homes, evictions.
Top focus for homing are families and veterans. 1 in 30 SF public school children are homeless. (check the slides for more stats)

A questions was asked what we can do to help his Dept. The answer is Money. Though the proposal last year to add more funding was voted NO. He hopes when people see progress being made they can add a new ballot measure in the next elections. He understands that people don’t see improvements and wonder where the money is being spent.

I asked what we can do about the tents when they are blocking the sidewalks, Calling 311 just goes to DPW for cleaning not tent resolution. Then its calling the police which seems like a waste of resources.

Jeff said they are working on triaging the various departments. In the meantime do this for tent issues on our streets and alleys.

  • We can CALL 311
    Ask to be connected to HOT team dispatch
  • Call HOT directly
  • For Mental health crisis.
    Call mobile health crisis.

SFMTA – Bradley Dunn

The Folsom and Howard Streetscape Project seeks to redesign the couplet of streets that are the cornerstone to the growing SoMa neighborhood. SoMa’s wide variety of uses is unique. SoMa has a high density and large variety of commercial retail, office space, bars and restaurants, night clubs, light industrial space, and residential units in the neighborhood. The street also serves as a major corridor for bicyclists. This project will ensure that these streets are safe and meet the diverse needs of the neighborhood
The Folsom-Howard Streetscape Project will create better, safer streets on Howard between 3rd and 11th, and on Folsom Street between 2nd and 11th. This includes improvements to bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities, upgrades to traffic signals, traffic circulation modifications, and changes to parking and loading.
This initiative is fully funded from planning and community outreach to construction, with $26 million in local funds.

Public Meetings @Bessie Carmichael School, 375 7th St. (between Folsom and Harrison)

Thursday, April 27, 2017,
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Saturday, April 29, 2017,
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

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