Meeting Notes from 1/9/2016

Fiona O’Shea┬árecorded these notes from the Jan 9, 2016 meeting.

  • Opening Statement – how the group started, where we are
    • Goal for this meeting: be ready to announce to press/public what we are up to
    • We had many late arrivals, so our message on goals may not be understood by all
    • We had a very large attendance – it was really great to see so many people who are ready to be available for our neighborhood.
  • Attendee Intros
    • Where do you live, what would you like us to take on
    • Mark Sackett from The Box SF has offered us a space once a month for our meetings – Thank you Mark
  • Martha Bridegam reiterated her hope that we are not an organisation who are trying to kick out the homeless. Fiona O’Shea responded that we are focused on Crime – Safety-Cleanlines
  • Presentation
    • Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge (Amy Farah Weiss)
    • Hand Up (Ben Woosley)
    • Community Benefit District (Ben Woosley)
    • Mid Market CBD Jane Weil talked about their street ambassadors, some of whom are trained in helping with those who may be suffering from mental illness and need help
  • Broke into projects into tasks and assign to volunteers – as this was a first meeting for many, jumping into this seemed very quick to them.
    • Victoria Manalo Draves Park – Susanna Singer, Stephanie , Fiona O’Shea, Kat, Anusha (there are more Susanna has the names and will be organising a sub meeting)
    • Crime – Vehicle Breakins – Jessica Spurling, Fiona O’Shea
    • Membership / Awareness – Emily, Mark Sackett
    • CBD and Contacting Groups – James Spinello, Ben Woosley, Eric Lopez
    • Research & Government – David Singer, Robert Lawrence, Patrick Valentino
    • Street Greening – Dallas, Ben Woosley

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