Meeting Notes from 04/05/2016

Quick Update on the past month’s efforts:
* VMD park
* Sharps Disposal

* library interested in disposal
* conrad house as well

* Eileen Loughran of DPH will be addressing the sidewalk sharps disposal program and its role in addressing the problem of discarded needles

* Daryl Fong, the new Southern Station Police Captain, will introduce himself and discuss law enforcement in the area. He is joined by Officer Campos who patrols our area.

* 1532 Howard development presented by the project’s engineer, Brian Kenny

* Discussion of cameras proposal that has been discussed here:

1) Introductions of neighborhood attendees. 7:30

  • Some object to sharps disposal at Conrad House as well as other places on Grace Street
  • We need an approach that improves steadily
  • Petition to remove the 9th and Mission bus stop
  • Grace Street and Washburn Street have needles and unsafe areas.

2) Update from past month on Victoria Manolo Draves (VMD) Park

  • Patrick Valentino 7:52
    • efforts to increase foot traffic
    • intercontinental hotel paying to add lights to the park
    • Talking with commissioner to see feasibility of enclosed dog park for both small and large dogs
    • ambassadors in the park
    • Friends of VMD park would like help in getting increased attendance at movie nights at the park

3) Captain Daryl Fong and Officer Campos 7:55

  • Hotspots should be addressed 9th & Mission, Washburn, Grace Street, etc.
  • Has been increase in enforcement at VMD and Homeless outreach in the park in the last two weeks (since coming into the position of Captain of Southern Station)
  • Cpt. Fong responds to question regarding Drug Acticvity at 9th and Mission 8:09
      • Drug enforcement strategy to monitor hotspots and homeless outreach to assess areas.
      • Current city wide operation to take some of the plainclothes officers from southern station to takle recent uptick in property crime
      • last week and a half narco officers have been after 9th & mission
      • judge released serial car burglary arrestee to supervised observation
      • make a wish foundation burglary arrests made
    • Attendee statement :Not a homeless problem, there is a criminal problem. Is there such a thing as a beat cop?
    • Cpt. Fong responds: Since redistricting between Tenderloing and Southern Station lost 14 beat officers. Taking initiative to split shifts Thursday- Sunday and as possible putting patrol officers on foot to combat increased activity.
    • Attendee statement: There was a time when more car patrols came through
    • Daryl: Visibility is important
    • Attendee question: How do we as a group help the police?
    • Non-emergency number gets backed up
      • Officer Campos said most helpful is good descriptions of people enganged in activities. Including specific clothing and any identifying marks.
      • Activate area through neighborhood use and have SF SAFE do a site assesments of improvements property owners and residents can do.
      • Community advocates for Bus shelter removal through MTA or other city department
      • He and Officer
      • Cpt. Fong stressed importance of reporting crimes. Money and resources allocated through data. So calling 911 for active crimes, Police non-emergency and 311 for other issues (nuisance and quality of life) is very important. If there is no record of issues then city will not respond.
      • Officer. Campos have taken notes through evening about issues they were unaware of and will take action.

Eileen Loughran 9:10

  • Outdoor disposal boxes – but where?
  • 20-22,000 Injection drug users
  • 150 Golden Gate at St Anthony’s
    • 4 months to start
    • Now 250 needles per week
  • Focus groups have said a lot of users clean up after themselves
  • Walgreens sells syringes – they will also accepts disposal (via bio-bins)
  • City has the Syringe Access and Disposal Program
  • HIV dies in the discarded syringe within a day. HEP C lasts “a little longer”.
  • Don’t want it on Washburn Street
  • Safe injection rooms in Canada as a model but SF Dept. of Health neutral on the issue
  • Is there a way to safely pick up needles if citizens want to take initiative? The health department or a provider could give that training. AIDS foundation gives this training when they do Community Clean Up days
  • Conrad House and Public Library both possible locations for pilot program.
  • Nothing will occur without community input and can be removed if prove to be problematic.

Brian Kenny 9:39

  • Planners discouraged retail
  • Who was the city planner?
  • Not conducive for long term growth (agreed)

Things we can do

  • More police to enable foot patrol
  • More call to allocate services
  • SEPTEC? Prevention via environmental design
  • We can get security through CBD
  • SF Safe assessment
  • Get the supervisor and SFSafe into the meetings
  • “Four corners Friday” (Eileen mentioned) as a model to do in our neighborhood
  • Connect with AIDS foundation re. organizing training, cleanup
  • 1532 Howard – find out who the planner was – Niki taking on

For Captain Fong (from our other List of things we would like considered)

  • There is an epidemic of car break-ins (and similar property break-ins). We need
    • better, more uniform, street lighting;
    • ‘warning signs’ on the light poles telling people that break-ins happen and not to leave material in cars
    • more police foot and cycle patrols at peak hours (just a note: I’d say “peak hours” for car break-ins are late night early mornings, at least in my neighborhood. I’ve never seen foot or cycle patrols other than daylight, and even sighting that is very rare).
    • Police drive-bys in alleys – lots of places to hide in our alleys, having police drive through could help deter some crimes of opportunity.
    • better statistics: there is no way to report a car break-in unless the car is yours, and many owners don’t bother. We need a 311 section for reporting crimes like this.
    • drug dealers arrested, prosecuted, moved on, and generally harassed until they give up on dealing in this neighborhood.
    • More foot / bike patrol
      • particularly around securing areas that have specific public purpose (e.g. VMD park and its bathrooms)
    • car window breaking traps
    • building breakins, mail theft
    • bike theft traps

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