Meeting Notes from 7/6/2016

Intro by David Chiu (San Francisco State Assemblyman)
* Priorities: Housing, Housing, Housing
* Working on:
* Bills pushing new forms of ownership CLTs and Limited Co-ops
* Bills on new paradigms for addressing homelessness
* Addressing the rape kit backlog
* Newest face of homelessness: homeless college students
* Sign up for monthly newsletter:
* Regular office hours, next is on Polk Street:

* St. Joseph’s Church Construction a go, thanks to hard work from Chris Foley
* Eagle Plaza stalled due to the financier pulling out. Build Inc. is seeking new financing.

Brandon Davis from the Downtown Streets Team ( on their efforts and how we might work together
* Originated in Palo Alto out of the BID to address panhandling and urban cleanliness
* Members volunteer on beautification projects, in return get a basic needs stipend, a case worker and employment support
* A peer to peer model
* “How do you determine the boundaries”
* In partnership with the neighborhood groups

Eileen Loughran from DPH giving an update on the sidewalk sharps disposal efforts in progress
* Go to the DST Tuesday meeting if you can
* A disposal box just went up at Conrad House on 9th between Howard and Mission
* Minna St, between 8th and 9th is under conversation
* Job was posted for a 3-person rapid response team with a special phone number (not 311)
* Mayor’s office has been getting lots of complaints – he has started “the fix-it team” to fix neighborhood concerns. SOMA is on the plan of places to go.

Discussion of Sentiments Survey Results
* (–akjFhu3etQoAIVNa4tCB1FJIY3hpwFyGWqEI/viewform)
* Pending future results…

Discussion of Living Alleyways Grant Proposal
* Lafayette and Minna are eligible
* Bill Holt has stepped up to lead this effort

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